Industrial Welding and Fabrication in Hickory, NC


We can do small steel erection(columns and I-beams in picture) and fabricate any style of pipe handrails for your needs


Specially fabricated, heavy duty spreader bar


Store bought ICC bars get expensive, let us build you a better one for less


Made to order specialty tables to fit your needs and specifications


Custom fabricated pallets that can stack and are built to last


Excavator Bucket Shank


Wood Grinder Tooth Holder


Repair of heavy duty trailers


On site fabrication dumpster enclosure for Hooters restaurant


Pizzagalli Construction, Hickory Waste Water Treatment Plant


Forklift Guardrails Fabricated on Site for Loading Dock


Dumpster Gate Hinges ~ Before and after repair by Superior Welding & Repair


New cutting edge and shanks installed on bucket


Custom welding projects - stainless steel piping